KUBRIX Technology

Through an Incremental and homeomorphic annealing transformation Ф, KUBRIX morphs an input surface mesh into the outer surface mesh of a 3-D multi-block Cartesian grid. Let ξ(i,j), η(i, j) and ζ(i, j) be the probabilities, at each iteration i, that triangle j of the input mesh will eventually be orthogonal to directions x, y and z, receptively. At each iteration, Fuzzy-logic and a set of necessary conditions are used to compute ξ(i+1,j), η(i+1, j) and ζ(i+1, j), which represent an incremental step in the transformation Ф. Morphing is complete when all probabilities converge to 1 o 0.

The interior of the stair step mesh is meshed algebraically, then all vertices are transformed back (though inverse of Ф) into a mesh that fits inside the initial surface mesh